Legal Insurance vs. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Learn how an ARAG legal plan compares to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

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Health Insurance Assistance

Call 855-840-0972 to find which health insurance provider is right for you. Get assisted establishing tax credit subsidy under new healthcare laws.You could save 0+ a month with your entitled healthcare subsidy.

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Auburn Business Assistance Program: Insurance & Human Resources

Feel at ease when you start your new business by applying the principles taught in this Insurance and Human Resources Workshop. A few of the topics covered are HR best practices for hiring, firing and basic documentation that every business needs to know. Become aware of how to insure for risk such as loss of inventory and use of your place of business. A panelist also discusses Worker’s Compensation and L&I insurance. Learn tips from an experienced attorney on how to avoid litigation.

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Insurance News Weekly outlines AXA Assistance 2010 financial results

Aviva has announced the selling of the roadside assistance company RAC for GBP 1 billion to the private equity giant The Carlyle Group. Acquired in 2005 for GBP 1.1 billion, Aviva has since made profits by selling divisions of RAC such as RAC France, BSM motoring School or Auto Windscreens. This operation outlines Aviva’s strategy to focus on its savings and insurance operations.
AXA Assistance CEO Serge Morelli lead in a friendly and relaxed manner a press conference to announce the company’s 2010 financial results. Net results have grown significantly form 12.6 million EUR in 2009 to 20 million EUR in 2010. Serge Morelli highlights these key figures for us and outlines the importance of their travel activity.

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Disaster Assistance & Crop Insurance: Prevented Planted & Failed Acreage Considerations

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Insurance Adjuster Claim Assistance Ad

You have the right to hire your own insurance adjuster to represent your interests. Don’t rely on the insurance company adjuster to offer you what they want to pay you. A licensed public insurance claims adjuster works for you and will make sure you get a fair settlement for residential and commercial property claims.

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Employment Insurance and Social Assistance

The Mowat Centre has convened a research-driven Employment Insurance Task Force to examine Canada’s support system for the unemployed. The objective is to develop an Ontario proposal for modernizing the EI system—conscious of the national context—that works for individuals and businesses.

For the Task Force, John Stapleton discusses the difficulties in transitioning from EI to social assistance. Stapleton is particularly concerned with EI exhaustees who end up on social assistance and face barriers within that program to labour market re-entry. In this video, Stapleton explores some options for reform to address this situation.


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About Roadside Assistance Insurance : Insurance Needs & Tips

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Roadside assistance insurance is designed for situations where you might find yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire, for example. Learn about roadside assistance insurance with help from a nationally-recognized insurance expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Dan Weedin
Filmmaker: Jay Windland

Series Description: Your insurance needs will likely vary depending on specifics of your own situation and exactly what it is that you’re trying to insurance. Get tips on how to fulfill your insurance needs with help from a nationally-recognized insurance expert in this free video series.

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Insurance Assistance BCR Asigurari VIG – How To

Aplicatia BCR Asigurari VIG Asistenta este gratuita si se adreseaza tuturor clientilor BCR Asigurari VIG si nu numai.
Daca doriti informatii despre produsele BCR Asigurari VIG sau vreti sa stiti ce trebuie facut in caz de accident, atunci aceasta aplicatie este partenerul perfect.Sunt disponibile inclusiv locatiile BCR Asigurari pozitionate pe harta.

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24 x 7 Spot Assistance cover for all women car insurance policyholders

24/7 Spot Assistance is a Bajaj Allianz initiative that is aimed towards making the roads safer for women to travel on, at all hours of the day and night. Here is a personal message from our CEO, Mr. Tapan Singhel, as he talks about this initiative and our hope that this will go a long way towards making Indian women feel safer when out driving alone.

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